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John Lee Marketing, Brand & Business
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Every week I film a tactical 10 - 15 minute video on Marketing, Branding and Business strategies to help you generate more leads, sales and grow a strong online brand. I made it super affordable, It's just $27 a month and you can stop subscribing any time

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Examples of Modules already Created Below

1. How I Gained 60,000 Followers on Clubhouse in 14 days

  • How to get onto stages on Clubhouse
  • How to position yourself on stage
  • How to get Moderators to mod you
  • The secret back channels for mods
  • How to set your profile to gain faster

2. How to Use Social Media Cross Pollination To Grow on Social Media

  • How to move your followers over to other social platforms
  • Why you need to own your own data
  • Monetising you Social Media
  • How to generate leads fast
  • The 6 things you can give away to grow big list

3. How to Film Videos That Create More Sales

  • How to film sales type videos
  • The sales video framework
  • How to sell elegantly in a video
  • How to use the A.D.U.C.A.T.E format
  • A live demo from John Lee

4. How to Get Big Influencers on Instagram To Post For You for FREE

  • How to get big IG account to promote for you for free
  • How to approach them
  • What to say to them
  • How to get them to do it consistently
  • How to target them and find them

5. How to use Facebook Ads to Get 10,000 Followers in 30 Days

  • Gain REAL followers on Facebook
  • Leverage your followers for collaborations 
  • The long game play for monetising your FB followers
  • Getting back your return on investment strategy

6. Three Questions That Will Help Increase Your Sales

  • Why your ads don’t convert into sales 
  • Three simple questions to get more sales 
  • The sales machine Strategy 
  • One thing to know before someone converts to a sale 
  • The missing piece for higher conversion

7. How to Get YouTube Subscriber For Free with the 7 Step Framework

  • How to get more subscribers on youtube for free  
  • How to monetise on YouTube  
  • How to get more leads and sales from YouTube
  • How to upload videos the right way  
  • How to get more views and watch time

8. The Four Step Frame Work For Writing Sales Copy That Sells

  • How to get more engagement in your copy
  • How to get people to take action 
  • How to the 4 Step frame work for all Social Media
  • How to write thing that sell you better
  • Live demo on how I use it to get more sales 

9. Video Placement Strategy to Get Thousands of Views and Qualified Leads from YouTube

  • How to target your competitors videos 
  • How to get thousands of views for a small fee
  • How generate qualified leads on YouTube 
  • How to get instant exposure on YouTube 
  • How to use the video placement strategy

10. The Marketing Matrix - Multiple Your Leads and Sales Fast

  • The WAV strategy for getting free traffic 
  • Using strategic audiences to get sales fast 
  • The 7 paid platforms to use 
  • Turning your clients into your raving fans
  • Simple way to start your marketing 

11. Your Room My Room Strategy To Own Your Data

  • How to capture your data from Social Media
  • How to protect yourself from losing your data
  • How to extract your loyal fans
  • How to use smart URL's
  • How to capture data easter and easier

12. The Clubhouse Follower Multiplier Effect

  • The three  MUST USE Clubhouse links
  • Leverage other people’s clubs
  • Getting the “interview spots”
  • Reverse stage swop strategy
  • The pay to play strategy

13. The Number One Thing You Need in Your Videos To Get More Followers

  • The one thing the keeps people watching your video
  • One software to use that will save you hours
  • Getting more and more views
  • What formats to use for social video
  • Video work flow

14. The 7 Figure Blueprint

  • What all 7 figure companies do 
  • Why websites don’t convert anymore
  • Why you need to create “free stuff”
  • How to avoid sales slippage
  • Increase your conversion

15. £5 a Day Strategy to Get 10,000 Followers on Instagram

  • How to get 10,000 followers on Instagram
  • Gain more real followers who engage
  • How to build your ideal clients 
  • How to use the promote button the right way 
  • Increase your conversions with better positioning

16. How to Swipe Up Without 10,000 followers on Instagram (Hack)

  • How to swipe up without 10,000 followers (Hack)
  • How to drive traffic through stories 
  • How to create more reach through stories 
  • How to get more leads and sales through stories 
  • The 3 step story strategy

17. How to Use Automated DM's To Turn Your Leads Into Buyers

  • How to created automated DM's that sell
  • Filter your leads to increase sales
  • Using the RYH DM strategy for maximum conversion
  • Drive more qualified leads
  • Converting your leads into buyers using DM's

18. 10 Profitable Online Business Models for Monetisation

  • How to create multiple streams of income 
  • How to turn your social media skills into income
  • How fast way to start a business
  • 10 Profitable Online Business Models for Monetisation 
  • Proven tried and tested business models

19. 5 Steps To Never Be Broke Again Using P.I.G.E.S Strategy

  • 5 ways to allocate your funds in business
  • How to split divide your income 
  • How to avoid being broke again 
  • 1Never save money instead try this  
  • Why to not ONLY save money for a rainy day

20. How To Retarget People Who Visit Your Instagram Page

  • How to Retarget hot leads
  • How to get more brand exposure
  • How to market qualified leads
  • How to get hotter leads using retargeting

21. How To Create 21 posts fast and automate the posts for Instagram grid posts

  • How to create posts fast for IG grids
  • How get thousands of content ideas
  • How to save time with auto posting
  • How to create a good work flow for IG posts

22. John Lee's Strategy For Sculpting Offers That Convert and Sell

  • Creating Offers That Convert Using The Layered Value Stack 
  • Blot this onto your existing offers to increase your conversion 
  • Increase your sales
  • The one thing to add to your offer that will make it convert

23. 5 Ways to Get on Stages in Clubhouse

  • Using hook questions to get on more stages  
  • How to get speakers to follow you 
  • The right way to DM a MOD
  • The fastest way to get on stage
  • The number one secret to get on stages 

24. 5 Ways to Monetise on Clubhouse

  • The 3 call to actions to do if you want to monetise
  • Leverage brands who want exposure
  • How to get paid to speak and show up
  • Turning your club into an income machine
  • The right way to get tipped

25. 7 Influencer Marketing Startegies

  • Best way to get Big influencers 
  • The Influencer list method
  • sing barter swops
  • The interview strategy
  • How to get paid posts cheaper 

26. How I Get Thousands of People To Go To My Shop For 7p Each

  • How to get traffic for cheap
  • How to generate leads cheaper
  • How to get more traffic cheap
  • How to get FB to give you more exposure
  • Scale your ads using this proven strategy

27. 10 Ways To Accelerate Your Followers and Personal Brand

  • The engagement FB strategy
  • Boosting views for cheap
  • How to leverage a Clubhouse following
  • The best Instagram strategy for growing fast
  • Do this on YouTube to grow faster

28. 4 Steps to Turn Your Browsers Into Buyers

  • Why people don't make sales
  • The number one mistake people make when trying to sell
  • Why people are not buying from you
  • The 4 step process to turn browsers into buyers

29. The Fastest Way to Gain More Positioning and Authority

  • How to package your knowledge and skills the right way
  • How to get more viral
  • How to gain authority fast
  • How to systemise the process
  • How to grow a big list fast

30. The L1, L2, L3 Strategy To a 7 Figure Business

  • My number one secret to a 7 figure business 
  • Bolt this onto your business to increase the sales
  • Use the L1, L2, L3 strategy to grow your profits fast 
  • The front end vs back end strategy
  • This could 10x your business

31. The Secret to Profitable Businesses Using the "SLO" Strategy

  • Why focusing on sales is not always good
  • How to have an unlimited marketing spend 
  • Why customer lists are more important than sales
  • Why “SLO” strategy is a must for profitable businesses 

32. 3 Types of Strategic Content for Branding and Increased Sales

  • Positioning content 
  • Sales content
  • Viral Content 
  • Knowing which to post and why

33. 3 How to Price Your Products and Services Using These 3 Strategies

  • How to know what to charge
  • The fastest way to find out what people will pay 
  • Best way to increase your fees
  • Strategic way to know what to charge 

34. 10 Membership Models to Make Passive Income

  • How to make recurring income
  • How to create paid memberships
  • Easiest way to start
  • How to get more paid customers

35. 5 Instagram Growth Hacks

  • How to leverage reels the right way 
  • The hidden follow button
  • How to increase your views on live’s 
  • Why multiple picture get mores views

36. How I Get 4 Times More Leads for The Same Marketing Spend

  • The sandwich offer strategy 
  • Why you should never market direct to your offer
  • How to get 4 times more leads 
  • Make your marketing spend stretch 

37. Social Media Competitions to Grow Super fast

38. How to Get More YouTube Subscribers Using The Discovery Feature

  • Shortcut the process to Get more subs 
  • Get instant discovery 
  • Gain subscribers fast 
  • Get thousands of eyeballs 

39. How to Plan Your Time To Implement and Get Results

  • Four steps to decide what you should vs must do
  • How to get more time to implement 
  • How to stop wasting time 
  • How to avoid distraction

40. How to Create the Best Lead Magnets to Attract Your Ideal Customers

  • How to attract your ideal customers
  • How to create a lead magnet in seconds
  • The copy and paste strategy to create lead magnets 
  • Why lead magnets are a must for profitable businesses 

41. Facebook Advanced Top 5 Targeting Strategies for High Conversion

  • How to find your ideal customers
  • How to filter your super-fans
  • How to target your existing buyers 
  • How to find your highest potential buyer using saved posts 

42. How to Turn one Video into 10 Pieces of Content

  • How to create content fast 
  • How to leverage one video into 10 pieces of content 
  • How to transcribe content in fast 
  • How to Multiply your video 

43. 18 Ways To Get More Traffic Instantly

  • How to get lots of traffic fast 
  • How to leverage all social media 
  • How to get more shoppers and buyers
  • How to get a constant flow of enquires 

44. How To Sell Your Products and Services in Bulk Using the 5 step Launch Formula

  • How to launch products 
  • How to sell in bulk 
  • How to create buzz
  • How to create a waiting list of buyers 

45. How I Got 3652 Comments and Turned them into Income

  • how I got 3652 comments
  • the hack to increase your engagements on your posts 
  • how to turn your comments into income
  • How to generate lots of leads fast

46. 3 Secrets to Hitting Your Business and Income Goals in 2022

  • How to almost guarantee you take massive action
  • How to make sure you stay on track
  • How to stay consistent
  • How to set the goals

47. The Best Way to Monetise on Clubhouse (2022 Strategy)

  • Why people are not converting on Clubhouse
  • How to make sure you stay on track
  • Do this one thing before pinning links
  • The new way to make offer on Ch in 2022 

48. How to Use VSL to Automate Your Sales

  • How to get sales on auto pilot 
  • How to create videos that sell 
  • Why you should never leave in the controls 
  • Set it and forget it sales strategy 

49. 7 Step Sales Page Framework

  • What elements you need for people to buy 
  • How to get more engagement for sales
  • The main reason you have one option to buy 
  • Why it’s important to have social proof 

50. 3 Types of Upsells for More Profitable Sales

  • Turn your thank you pages into up sells
  • How to use order bumps and why
  • How to create bribe offers
  • Why you need to use down sells

51. How This Video Got 85,000 views in 7 Hours

  • How to get thousands of organic views
  • How to capture viral content
  • Three types of viral content
  • The big mistake I made on this video

52. How to Get 1m views a Month and 10k leads Strategy

  • How to get thousands of views
  • How to get thousands of leads
  • How to create bigger brand
  • How to do this using small budgets

53. The 1 Second Video Rule for Thousands of Views

54. How To Create Automated Webinars and Scale Your Sales

  • 5 Types of automated webinars
  • The power of VSL's
  • Scaling your sales
  • The best software to use

55. Create amazing Thumbnails in 5 minutes

  • Best software to cut out your background instantly
  • Why you need good thumbnails
  • How to increase your clicks
  • How to get more views through clicks

56. Forced VSL's that Drive More Sales

  • How to get people to consume
  • How to create call to actions from videos
  • How to capture leads from videos
  • How to increase sales through forced consumption

57. LinkedIn Free Marketing Strategies

  • The best feature for reaching your audience
  • Title targeting your leads e.g. only CEO’s 
  • Articles vs Newsletters 
  • The right way to use pictures & videos on LinkedIn

58. Smart URL's for Higher Conversion

  • How to redirect a URL
  • How to pick a good URL
  • How to use it the right way 
  • How to create high conversions

59. The Unlimited Marketing Model

  • How to do free marketing
  • Turning your clients into marketers
  • Creating marketing with no followers
  • The most simple content strategy

60. The Fastest Way to Create Original Video Content

  • The 90 degree strategy for speed
  • The number one hack for filming
  • How to create fast work flow
  • Create original content fast.

61. Unlimited Content Creation Idea's

  • How to find more content idea's
  • How to narrow the best ones
  • How to improve discovery
  • How to build a stronger brand faster

62. The Best YouTube Strategy For Thousands of Targeted Views

  • How to get thousands of view soft cheap  faster
  • How to rank number one position 
  • How to target your exact audience
  • How to grow a massive brand 

63. 5 Ways To Boost Your Room Numbers on Clubhouse

  • The club boosting strategy 
  • The follower boost strategy 
  • The share boost strategy 
  • The list boost strategy 
  • The text boost strategy 

64. The Free Trial Strategy To Double Your Income

  • The best way to increase your sales
  • The best software to use for free trials
  • Why you need to charge for a free trial 
  • Why you need to start building a customer list 

65. How I Got 5,000 Comments on a Single Post

  • How to hack comments
  • How to increase engagement 
  • How to get more free organic reach 
  • How to get views, likes and comments 

66. TikTok For Beginners

  • How to get more reach on TikTok
  • How to go viral
  • How to gain more followers on TikTok
  • How use their formats

67. 8 New Ways to Monetise on Clubhouse

  • How to monetise your pined links
  • How to get more sponsors for rooms
  • How to charge recurring from rooms
  • How to get per results

68. 6 Effective Delivery Styles for Web-Classes

  • 6 delivery style presentations
  • What format to use
  • The MMM method  
  • What format is best to engage  

69. 6 New Ways to Monetise on YouTube

  • Using super thanks
  • Using Youtube membership feature
  • How to List build on Youtube
  • Using sponsorships
  • Using product placement

70. Instagram Reel Hacks 2022

  • Why you need multiple cuts
  • One word captions
  • Why shorter reels get more views
  • The importance of captions

71. The Best Conversion Strategy For Membership Sites

  • The number one conversion strategy for memberships
  • The top 5 pinned strategies for conversion
  • The content & call to action strategy
  • Using the digital wallets for higher conversion

72. Instagram Live Sales Conversion Strategy

  • The 30 minute strategy
  • How to convert on IG live
  • How to make sales
  • How to get conversion using proven method

73. TikTok Lives

  • How to get thousands of viewer watching live
  • How to sell on TikTok live
  • The exact structure for conversion
  • Monetisation through TikTok Lives
  • proven strategy

74. The Ultimate Omnipresence Strategy

  • How to be everywhere at the same time
  • How to leverage your time
  • The best way to sell on mass
  • How to get more sales on mass

75. 10 Ways to Monetise on Social Media

  • The updated strategies
  • Creator monetisation
  • Create assets in social media
  • Creating your own economy

76. New Way to Create Content Using New IOS Update

  • Best IOS update for creating content
  • How to get fast content
  • Shooting on the go
  • be able to create alot of content fast

77. How to create a lead magnet

  • Best way to create a lead magnet fast
  • How to build a list fast
  • The strategy to collect data
  • Simple step-by-step process to create a lead magnet

78. TikTok Content Automation

  • Creating shorts for TikTok
  • Content automation strategy
  • How to get views on TikTok
  • Massive content creation
  • fast to implement

79. Ultimate Content AI Strategy for LinkedIn

  • Never have to think about content again
  • Automate the whole process
  • Create fast content for lead generation
  • Create authority brand fast

80. 5 New Membership Models for 2023

  • 5 new models for membership in 2023
  • High ticket membership models
  • Get set up fast to monetise
  • Software to create membership instantly

81. 10 Entrepreneur Income Strategies

  • How to create income with no business model
  • How to create business for others
  • How to create income with no products
  • How to start business faster
  • Using AI as a way to create passive income